Engineering Internship I

Posted 3 years ago

Materials Platform For Consumer Electronics

Position Type: Internship

Location: Austin, TX

Job Type: Paid Internship

Starting Date: Summer, Fall, or Spring semester – 3-month commitment minimum
Internships may be extended

Please email resumes to:

Job Description: Electroninks, Inc. has several openings for Engineering Internships. Interns will
support our scientific team by preparing conductive ink samples; preparing film samples through
various coating techniques; characterizing materials; and maintaining laboratory equipment,
organization, and inventory.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Handling of ink chemistry and samples including preparation and quality control

  • Characterization of materials stability (including temperature, humidity, chemical, and  adhesion properties) 

  • Work with materials team on conductive inks formulations, and related synthesis of  individual components as well as high viscosity printing methods 

  • Assist Process Engineer(s) with designs, support, research and hands-on applications - Provide technical support to production, maintenance, environmental, and quality

  • Handling of nanomaterials including silver, copper, and other metallic nanoparticle samples - Safe chemical handling, lab up-keep, house-keeping, and general applications laboratory practices 

Essential requirements:

  • Pursuing degree in related field 
  • Experience with wet-chemistry methods and practice, wet-bench, solvents, chemical  reactions, surface chemistry, and materials processing 
  • Ability to work with chemicals in a safe, organized, and neat manner, with attention for details Ability to work in a highly motivated, fast-paced team to develop a range of synthesis,  characterization, and processing methods 
  • Ability to prepare documents, presentations, write standard operating procedures (SOPs), and  produce technical reports 
  • Ability to work with teams; excellent written and verbal communication skills is critical

In general, we are looking for candidates who want to join a dynamic team developing materials for a wide range of electronic device, biomedical device, wearable, and display applications that will make  an impact on how we live. This is an exciting and dynamic sector with partners and customers world wide. In addition to being efficient and capable in the lab, successful candidates will have a strong  work ethic, exhibit flexible work hours with a results-oriented timeline, and demonstrate the right  chemistry and persona to fit into the Electroninks Team.

All candidates must be authorized to work in the United States.
Electroninks, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Company Information:

Electroninks Incorporated is backed by strategic and venture investors. We have conductive inks in
the consumer electronics supply chain and our own Circuit Scribe consumer product line. We are
devoted to the next generation of printed electronics and wearables through high performance
materials for mass-production printing techniques. We have developed a vast array of inks that
bring high-performance properties to printed electronics.

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