Process Engineer Internship

Electroninks | Materials Platform For Consumer Electronics

Posted 4 months ago

Position Type: Internship

Location: Austin, TX

Job Type: Paid Internship

Starting Date: Summer 2020 
Internships may be extended into the Fall Semester


Please email resumes to: 


Job Description: Electroninks, Inc. has several openings for Process Engineer Internships. Interns will support our Research & Development and Process teams by preparing conductive ink samples; preparing film samples through various coating techniques; characterizing materials; and maintaining laboratory equipment, organization, and inventory.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Handling of silver ink chemistry and samples, including preparation and quality control
  • Characterization of materials stability, including temperature, humidity, chemical, and adhesion properties according to internal and ASTM methods
  • Assist the Process and Quality team with designs, support, research and hands-on applications
  • Provide technical support to production, maintenance, EHS, and quality teams.
  • Handling of nanomaterials including silver, copper, and other metallic nanoparticle samples
  • Safe chemical handling, lab up-keep, house-keeping, and general applications laboratory practices


Essential requirements:

  • Pursing degree in related field
  • Experience with wet-chemistry methods and practice, wet-bench, solvents, chemical reactions, surface chemistry, and materials processing
  • Ability to work with chemicals in a safe, organized, and neat manner, with attention to detail
  • Ability to work with teams in a highly motivated, fast-paced environment
  • Ability to prepare documents, presentations, and technical reports; excellent written and verbal communication skills


In general, we are looking for candidates who want to join a dynamic team in developing materials for a wide range of electronic devices that will make an impact on how we live. In addition to being efficient and capable in the lab, successful candidates will have a strong work ethic and have the right chemistry to fit into the Electroninks Team.


Company Information:

Electroninks Incorporated was founded in 2013. We are currently headquartered in Austin, Texas and have overseas sales and field offices in Silicon Valley, Taipei, and Seoul.

Electroninks Inc. is a company with a deep knowledge base in materials science, chemistry and is design focused to provide materials, inks and products for consumer electronics devices, including our own consumer products.

Our novel chemistries and formulation know-how is based on our brand of particle-free inks and pastes that can directly replace nanoparticle and flake-based metallic inks and films. Our philosophy is that pure metallic films are the best way to increase performance and reliability while reducing overall cost of manufacturing and ownership.

We have a unique culture and philosophy for a materials company, with both Industrial B2B and direct-to-consumer businesses under one roof. We provide particle-free conductive inks and related chemistries to our customers either directly or through world-class coating and integration equipment partners.

Currently, Electroninks develops high-performance solutions for many markets including display, plating, interconnects, wearables, and consumer devices. We also develop and produce our own product line, Circuit Scribe, selling direct to consumers.

We are currently looking for Summer and Fall interns for 2020, to learn more about our internship opportunities please visit our website at

If you would like to apply, submit your resume to

All candidates must be authorized to work in the United States.