Our Technology

Our silver inks are particle-free ink formulations for inkjet, aerosol, screen, and other printing techniques. Conductivities can reach up to 90% of bulk silver with annealing temperatures in the range of 40-140ºC. In addition to our silver ink, we are also developing other particle free metallic and alloy inks including copper.

We also custom formulate and develop chemistries and formulations for a number of markets and challenging applications.


Pure metallic films with no binders result in plated-metal properties.


Excellent ink stability, printing yield, and film reliability.

Ideal for wearables

Particle free nature allows for “infiltration” into fabric, resulting in metallization of individual fibers. This allows stretchability on a range of fabrics, and more importantly allowing us to develop true e-textiles.

Printing Compatibility

Our unique chemistry can be tuned for a wide spectrum of printing techniques from inkjet to screen-printing.

Product Details


  • Particle free silver inks
  • Thermally conductive particle free inks
  • Metal alloy particle free inks


  • High conductivity
  • Annealing: 40 – 140; also curable by photonic, UV, IR curing
  • Viscosity: 10cP – 3000cP
  • Stretchable
  • Highly reflective (mirror like finish)
  • RoHS compliant; common solvents
  • Catalytically active (plate or solder onto)
  • Antimicrobial/anti-odor

Substrate compatibility and adhesion to

  • Film (PET, COP, PC, PI, etc)
  • Inorganic surfaces (glass, ITO, Si, SiO, SiN)
  • Elastomers (PU, vinyl, etc)
  • Fabric (natural including cotton, wool, silk, etc.; man-made including polyesters, non-wovens, lycra, etc)

Printing Methods

  • Inkjet
  • Dispenser
  • Slot-die
  • Gravure
  • Flexo
  • Screen
  • Blade/bar