Frequently Asked Questions

What are conductive inks?

Conductive Inks are liquids that are applied to surfaces to form a thin conductive layer that can then be dried, leaving behind a visible layer of material. Common ink examples include inkjet printing inks or even the ink in a roller ball pen. In conductive inks, the layer left behind will be conductive, meaning that an electric current can run through it. Conductive inks leave behind a layer of a metal such as silver.

What makes Electroninks’ conductive inks different?

Our particle-free inks are different because they use metal complexes rather than conventional nanoparticles. This makes them cost-effective while also improving conductivity at a lower curing temperature. Our inks are also low-maintenance: because they form a solution, not a dispersion, they do not require mixing during use. Their particle-free nature prevents clogged printing heads and other equipment maintenance issues. They are available in many different metals including silver, gold, platinum, nickel, and copper, making them suitable for almost any application.

Who are the inks for?

As a world-leader in particle-free conductive inks, Electroninks has the potential to be the primary manufacturer of high-end conductive inks.

Electroninks’ metal-complex inks can fundamentally change the way our customers develop new hardware technologies and improve manufacturing processes. This can be any company that manufactures or develops electronics.

Electroninks’ metal-complex inks can be used to manufacture wearable technology, touch and foldable displays, semiconductor packaging, PCB prototyping, and more. You can find out more about how our inks are used in our Products tab.

How can they be used?

Our inks are a perfect fit for any company in an industry that develops or manufactures electronics. Our metal-complex inks have been used to create wearable technology, touch and foldable displays, PCB prototypes, and more. You can find out more about how our inks are used in our Products tab.

Where can Electroninks’ products be purchased?

You can purchase all of our products by contacting us at

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